Ford Focus RS and ST250 developments

This is our Project page to show the development vehicles that we currently own and that will be going through various transitions to improve and develop the true potential of each car. Currently we have 2 Vehicles, first being the 2009 Ford Focus RS and the 2013 Ford Focus ST250. Project BTP550+: Back in 2012 we took ownership of the RS as a standard car, first impressions were great.

But there was something missing that we new had to be changed. Thats where it all began. Once we got the car indoors and up on the lifts we soon started to create a list on what to do. Slowly but surely we started to add and remove various parts to find what would work well and what doesnt. Having gone through the various hardware I.E exhaust, intercooler, induction it was time to further develop the ECU. Thats where we got in contact with JWR and started talks on what software that we can use to promote the best out of the car. After the long discussion with Jason at JWR we decided to take the route of the JWR dealship as we thought the software was and still is in our opion the best for the car.

Within a week our RS was a remapped with JWR100 software and fitted with the 650cc injectors to corrospond with the map. After a few months of loving every second of what felt like a completely different car it was apparent further developement were needed to take it has no engine, the engine is stripped down to every nut and bolt and awainting various improvements from uprated pistons to uprated turbo. Along the way we will keep you update and add as many images as we can. Our deadline is March 2014 this is just before show season so fingers crossed we can have it all ready before the first shows begin.


The Ford Focus ST250 Developments: In August 2013 we decided it was time to break into the scene of the new Ford Focus ST250, After various cars we looked at we finanlly chose the one for us that we picked up with just shy of 1000miles on the clock from new in blue. So for the first month of driving and using the ST for every day driving it was great, nippy comfortable and good on fuel too.

But again just like the RS there was something not quiet right…. the sound of the car wasnt great and the over all wow factor of the new eco boost engine wasnt all that great neither. The ST just needed that little bit extra to make it unique and more enjoyable to drive. After a good think we began with the exhaust system, we chose the full stainless steel system with De-cat from Miltek which looks great with the oval tips and sounds brilliant. Once we were happy with the exhaust we looked into the best options for the cars induction system. We opted for the K&N 57s open filter with the airbox conversion.

After fitting we could hear a noticable difference within the turbo noise which again sounded great but we didnt really notice any great gains in performance. With the ST still being a new project for us and current tuners for the ST the ECU software is still under development stages, therefore we chose to go and have our own software devleloped. In October 2013 we went to the Dyno and started to see in what ways in which we could improve on the original software. To start with it was proving quite tricky to get past the ECU’s immobilser system that kept on locking us out from allowing the car to start, Once we got over that small issue it was apperant that we needed to increase the air flow coming through the intercooler. So with that we brought it back to the work shop and decided to fit an uprated Airtec intercooler.

Back to the Dyno, On the first run we could already see a great improvent with the new intercooler showing cooler air temperatures so we proceeded and took the full day to work with ECU. By night fall we had achieved the 300hp zone and were more than happy with that (for now). Looking through data and graphs we have there is more that we can do with the standard engine internals and turbo before we have to start changing them for more power. As for now we are due back at the Dyno in the next coming weeks to see what more we can do to get out of the ST realibly and safetly.

Our 2 Development cars Update 21/03/2014

As some all ready know we have been working away with more developments on ST250 regarding the software. As of today we have now accomplished 336.1bhp with minimal hardware fitted. Full Miltek Exhaust with De-cat K&N CAIS Airtec intercooler We are now looking at other ways and more hardware products to gain extra BHP in the future. BTP330 is BORN.